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As the industry continues to grow, EXA Infrastructure’s intention is to continue expanding its capabilities strategically as a focused partner and infrastructure provider for customers. Read more details about the company’s strategies for 2024 in this exclusive interview with Nicholas Collins, Chief Commercial Officer, EXA Infrastructure.

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The newly-appointed Group President of Verizon Partner Solutions Jeff Hulse had an exclusive interview with Telecom Review. He shares the strategic vision of VPS, and how this will be fulfilled through collaboration, best customer experience delivery, and 5G network expansion, among other factors. Notably, Hulse emphasized that “no one can succeed alone and partnerships are proving to be more important than ever in our connected ecosystem.

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In an exclusive interview, Telecom Review and Reailize Field CTO, Michal Patryk Debicki, discussed Reailize’s goals in helping telecommunication sectors and businesses in making the most of their operations.

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