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Wholesale and Capacity

Achieving new milestones on its network expansion strategy, Windstream Wholesale's dark fiber Beach Route is now connecting fiber from the Jacksonville cable landing station (CLS) to the Myrtle Beach CLS and onwards to Raleigh. Additionally, Windstream Wholesale has partnered with Mid-Atlantic Broadband, Tilson Infrastructure, and SummitIG to expand the dark fiber service further north from Raleigh to Richmond and Ashburn.

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In the era of rapid digital transformation, Saudi Arabia has emerged as a key digital hub, serving the Middle East and East Africa regions. This transformation is underpinned by significant investments in data centers, subsea connectivity, and other advanced infrastructure. A crucial component of this digital evolution is center3's Internet exchanges, which have become the backbone of regional peering among cloud service providers, content creators, and carriers. This advancement has not only improved access to digital content but has also fostered economic growth through enhanced connectivity.

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center3, a global leader in telecommunications solutions, continues to achieve innovative milestones in subsea connectivity by successfully lighting up an astounding capacity of 35Tbps across the 2Africa cable system. This achievement highlights center3's commitment to delivering modern solutions and driving innovation in the telecommunications industry.

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