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The shift towards cloud-based communications solutions is undeniable in today's dynamic business landscape. As organizations seek more flexible, mobile, and cost-effective ways to collaborate, Service Providers (SPs) face the challenge of meeting these evolving needs while navigating various obstacles. Intermedia Cloud Communications, a trusted leader in cloud communications and collaboration, has taken a strategic step forward to address these challenges by expanding its partner program tailored specifically for SPs.

With millions of legacy business phone system seats still clinging to outdated, inflexible infrastructure the need for modernization in unified communications is urgent. Intermedia recognizes this opportunity and offers SPs a pathway to overcome obstacles such as declining softswitch platforms, inefficient investments, and challenges in building proprietary solutions. By partnering with Intermedia, SPs can leverage a proven, all-in-one communications suite powered by AI technology that features voice, chat, SMS, video conferencing, contact center, file sharing, and more.

With their wholesale model, Intermedia's partner program allows SPs to maintain ownership of customer relationships and set their pricing, enhancing profitability and reducing churn. Moreover, SPs can brand the solutions as their own, strengthening their market presence and differentiation. With comprehensive support spanning sales, marketing, training, and technical assistance, Intermedia ensures that SPs have the tools and resources needed for lasting success.

Understanding the unique pain points SPs face, Intermedia has crafted a comprehensive solution to empower them to deliver competitive and profitable unified communications, collaboration, and customer experience solutions under their own brand.

To find out more about Intermedia’s Service Provider Partner Program, click here.