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Telecom Argentina and Intraway announced a memorandum of understanding signed to establish a joint digital company for cloud-native software solutions.

The goal of this joint venture is to empower Latin American communications service providers (CSP’s) to drive new revenues by securely and scalably enhancing the exposure and monetization of their networks, said the company in a press release.

This venture is underpinned by the GSMA's Open Gateway initiative, which represents a paradigm shift in the way the telecommunications industry designs and delivers services in an API economy world.

"This joint venture not only marks a milestone in boosting the digital economy and the Open Gateway standard in Latin America but also represents a key step in our strategy to consolidate ourselves as a technological hub and continue expanding our operations beyond the footprint of our networks,” stated Roberto Nobile, CEO of Telecom and the only Argentine member of the GSMA board.

The new company will offer the possibility of implementing the platform that Telecom and Intraway developed jointly. 

Aligned with the Open Gateway standard, it will be able to integrate seamlessly with other industry solutions as consulting services for API integration, product design and architecture.

Conceived as a cloud-native and multi-tenant solution, the new company will serve as a backbone for CSPs to securely expose and monetize their networks. 

“It enhances digital transformation inclusively, with a strong focus on protecting user privacy, allowing telcos to enable and participate in various new business models, opening up new opportunities for growth and development in the digital domain,” explained Lucas Lodeiro, CTO of Intraway and interim CEO of the new company.