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Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the digital ecosystem enablement platform Tidwit have announced the launch of massive free training courses focused on generative artificial intelligence for 35,000 people in Latin America.

The program aims to increase awareness of this technology among Spanish-speaking countries, targeting two main audiences: non-technical individuals and students with no prior knowledge of cloud and artificial intelligence, explained AWS in a press release.

The training, available from June 5th to November 20th, consists of two main phases:

  1. Live Session: "Simplifying Generative Artificial Intelligence with AWS," scheduled for June 5th. During this session, 15 vouchers for AWS Cloud Practitioner certification will be awarded.
  2. AWS Generative AI Bootcamp: A 10-hour program with certification.

"AWS provides industry-leading cloud computing services that allow companies to experience and deploy the latest innovations in AI,” emphasized Carolina Pina, leader of massive training for Latin America.

She adds that as generative AI continues to advance rapidly, developing the necessary skills is critical for the technology market. This training represents a unique opportunity to delve into the world of emerging and innovative technologies, enhancing professional development in the digital era.

The training will cover fundamental aspects, including what generative AI is, how AWS applies it, and a deep dive into tools such as Amazon Bedrock, Amazon CodeWhisperer, Amazon Inferentia, AWS Trainium, and Amazon Sagemaker Jumpstart. Participants will explore their functionalities and real-world applications.

“For AWS, regular training and knowledge in technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud skills are essential for transforming businesses. To bridge the estimated talent gap of 2.5 million trained individuals by 2026 (according to IDC), AWS has developed the AI Ready program, offering free AI skills training to 2 million people globally by 2025.”

Since 2017, AWS has trained over 2 million people in Latin America through its training and certification programs, with 400,000 participants in Mexico.