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Colombian Information and Communication Technology Ministry (MinTic) announced around 29 million USD, of investment in Coffee Colombian Axis.

During three days, Mauricio Lizcano, ICT minister, visited six municipalities across the Coffee Colombian Axis where they announced fiber optic networks, PotencIA Digital Centers and provided 2,000 computers for students.

“I have brought computers to six municipalities to transform the way children and families connect with the world, because these tools are a window to change education and productivity. In addition, we allocated resources that will allow us to connect the rural areas of the Caldas department and we extended an invitation for all Caldenses to receive free training with the Ministry. We are convinced that Caldas will be a digital power”, said Lizcano in a news release.

More than a half of the investment, 64,000 colombian million pesos, will be destinated for the Caldas region: 20,000 colombian million pesos will be destinated for fiber optic network deployment, 20,000 colombian million pesos for Villamaria Technological Center and 24,000 colombian million pesos for PotencIA Digital Centers.

In addition, 2,619 colombian million pesos were used for 2,157 computers for students in six municipalities: 326 in Aguadas, 321 in Pacora, 329 for Neira, 304 in Aranzazu, 565 for the indigenous reservation of San Lorenzo, in Riosucio and 312 in Belalcazar. 

This equipment will be taken to each student’s home, thus impacting the productivity of families.

In addition, the Ministry delivered six Educational Innovation Laboratories, one per municipality. These laboratories include a 3D printer, STEM engineering kit, content manager and video projection system.

The PotencIA Digital Centers will be established at Neira, Riosucio y Belalcazar, where each community would explore technology tools, learn about Artificial Intelligence and develop digital abilities.