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Despite their interest in adopting new technologies, 92.4% of all organizations surveyed in Mexico believe that the current costs of wireless services are affecting their business, according to a study conducted by Cradlepoint.

"The 92% of companies still perceive the cost of wireless services to be excessive or not very accessible in order to have these services continually," said Carlos Perea, Senior VP of Cradlepoint Latam.

In a press conference, the executive added that expanding the possibility of access to the radioelectric spectrum for industrial 5G applications and services could bring many benefits, such as increasing competitive levels, enhancing the value of the offer, and reducing costs to provide connectivity.

Therefore, Perea celebrated the announcement made by the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT), the Mexican telecommunications regulator, about the spectrum auction to increase the use of 5G services and the extension of 4G technology.

"5G is the technology that can help industries, companies and institutions to have an accelerated digital transformation," highlighted Perea.

Connectivity is a horizontal and ubiquitous necessity for everyone and is the way to grow the development of digital businesses, commented the Cradlepoint executive.

"The country will be able to grow thanks to new regulations, the growth of nearshoring, and new telecommunications offers. We see a promising future focused on connectivity and the country's development," said Perea.

Jonny López, Consulting Sales Engineer at Cradlepoint, said that connectivity remains fundamental for the development of the industry, the economy and the region.

The expert emphasized that 53% of companies report that they still have connectivity interruptions, between one and two hours on average per week. “In our region, this shows that there is much to do to provide uninterrupted connectivity in this connected world."

"Mexico is one of the countries with the highest price per Megabyte in terms of cellular connectivity. This news of the spectrum auction will impact the 92% indicator, improving not only the offer but also the coverage and adoption of technology," mentioned López.