Telecom Operators

To help narrow the digital divide, and with support from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Verizon Public Sector announced a new program to provide access to wireless broadband data and voice services to underserved communities in Massachusetts and eight neighboring states plus the District of Columbia. Verizon will provide turnkey connectivity, devices and other solutions available to eligible families who lack access to the internet.

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The communications industry is undergoing a multi-year transformation to dynamic, secure, and certified services across a global federation of automated networks, as envisioned in the MEF 3.0 Framework. Service providers worldwide are not only becoming more automated internally to deliver solutions with user- and application-directed control over service capabilities. Many also are collaborating to build an emerging business ecosystem of automated networks that will support rapid delivery “Standardized APIs for interoperability of business applications will vastly improve the customer experience through faster cycle times and resolving service delivery issues earlier, offering automated near real-time availability and pricing information.

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