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"Hand-in-Hand Program" (hi-H Program), a global partner initiative launched by China Mobile International (CMI), has successfully held its 2023 summit in Shanghai with the theme of "5G Digital Economy". The summit brought together global partners and industry experts, including Gao Tongqing, Vice President of China Mobile, Li Feng, Chairman and CEO of China Mobile International, Huang Yuhong, General Manager of China Mobile Research Institute, Chen Yurong, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Shanghai Industry Research Institute, Chee Ching, President of Far EasTone, Emmanuel Rochas, CEO of Orange International Carriers and Frederic Freschel, VP Voice & Mobility Solutions of Orange International Carriers, who delivered keynote speeches at the summit.

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Verizon recently established connections and passed data over multiple network slices in a completely commercial 5G environment. Network slicing allows customers to send their traffic over virtual end-to-end networks tailored to specific application requirements, while optimizing network performance to support all services. This capability, designed for network traffic on Verizon’s new cloud-native, containerized, virtualized standalone 5G core, will offer unprecedented levels of service agility, flexibility and automated scalability.

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T-Mobile and Google Cloud are working together to combine the power of 5G and edge computing, giving enterprises more ways to embrace digital transformation. T-Mobile will connect the 5G Advanced Network Solutions (5G ANS) suite of public, private and hybrid 5G networks with Google Distributed Cloud Edge (GDC Edge) to help customers embrace next-generation 5G applications and use cases — like AR/VR experiences.

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