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The opening ceremony of China Mobile (Hong Kong) Innovation Research Institute Co., Limited and China Mobile Hong Kong Treasury Company Limited was successfully held in Hong Kong. More than 150 representatives from the Legislative Council of HKSAR, academia, financial and business sectors were invited to attend the ceremony to witness the establishment of China Mobile's two new companies.

China Mobile's Two New Companies

China Mobile (Hong Kong) Innovation Research Institute Co., Limited is an important part of China Mobile's "One Body, Five Layers" science and technology innovation system, which will strive to bring together innovation talent and resources from around the world for the best synergy in promoting the co-operation of industry, academic and research sectors. The Institute has a particular focus on technological frontiers such as 6G development, new-generation mobile communications, artificial intelligence and new Internet, using technology to drive industry innovation in line with the goal of developing Hong Kong as a global innovation and technology center. 

At the same time, it relies on the ability to go overseas to a collaborative R&D management platform, to open up the flow of talents and scientific research collaboration mechanisms with mainland organizations and drive the growth of China Mobile's capabilities and products in global markets. 

On the other hand, China Mobile Hong Kong Treasury Company Limited will serve as China Mobile's overseas treasury platform, using Hong Kong as a global hub to manage overseas capital management, services and operations, opening up capital channels within and outside China, and managing overseas capital risk, as well as taking China Mobile's high-quality development and Hong Kong's digital economy to new heights. 

China Mobile’s Reliance on Hong Kong’s Advantages

Yang Jie, Chairman of China Mobile, said that Hong Kong, leveraging the support from its motherland while engaging with the world, is a hotbed of innovation and creativity and an international financial hub endowed with unique advantages. 

Notably, through its China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited and China Mobile International Limited, China Mobile provides information services for more than 5 million Hong Kong residents and more than 9,000 enterprises. 

Hong Kong is a starting point for the expansion of global business, with a cumulative investment exceeding HK$30 billion over the past five years. This investment has comprehensively empowered the digitalization transformation of Hong Kong and helped enhance Hong Kong’s status as an international information hub. 

Chairman Jie highlighted that the establishment of China Mobile (Hong Kong) Innovation Research Institute Co., Limited and China Mobile Hong Kong Treasury Company Limited is an important manifestation of China Mobile’s reliance on Hong Kong’s advantages, deepening cooperation with Hong Kong and accelerating its development in Hong Kong. 

Looking to the future, China Mobile will closely focus on the promotion of Chinese-style modernization, further take root in Hong Kong, integrate into and serve Hong Kong, systematically build a new information infrastructure, develop a new information services system, and promote the development of digital economy in Hong Kong.

Important Force in Promoting Innovation and Tech Development

Moreover, Paul Chan, Financial Secretary of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, congratulated the establishment of the two new companies. He pointed out that China Mobile has been serving the society with advanced information and communication technologies, taking the responsibility of building a world-class enterprise and endeavoring to become a core force in building digital China and smart society. 

Adhering to innovation as the driving force, China Mobile has accelerated its corporate transformation and upgrading. It has now grown to become the world's largest telecoms network operator with the broadest customer base. He emphasized that the HKSAR is committed to promoting Hong Kong as a global innovation and technology hub with an emphasis on promoting the co-operation of the Government and the industry, academic and research sectors. 

At the same time, Hong Kong, as a global financial center, is well suited for treasury functions of multinationals such as overseas capital, remittance, fund raising and risk management matters. The establishment of China Mobile (Hong Kong) Innovation Research Institute Co., Limited and China Mobile Hong Kong Treasury Company Limited is a positive response to the HKSAR's policy and a vote of confidence and strong support for Hong Kong's economy in terms of its innovation development and financial services industry. 

He wished the two new companies’ great success in Hong Kong and become an important force in promoting innovation and technology development in Hong Kong, helping to consolidate and enhance Hong Kong's position as an international financial center.