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Claro, a subsidiary of América Móvil in Costa Rica, has launched 5G technology in trial mode.

 This technology will allow speeds 10 times faster than currently experienced by users, with internet speeds of up to 1.7GB, lower latency when using the trial network and the ability to connect a greater number of devices simultaneously without compromising communication quality.

The introduction of 5G technology in Costa Rica aims to boost the country’s technological growth and offer superior browsing speeds compared to what people currently experience with 4G, according to the company.

“For Claro it is very important to continue offering users the fastest internet in Costa Rica, and this time we do it hand-in-hand with 5G technology, so that all people can experience the true speed network. The experience we have had in other countries has allowed us to have the necessary tools to have optimal conditions in order to provide an excellent navigation service for our clients,” emphasized Marcelo Mouzo, country Director of Claro Costa Rica.

As part of the América Móvil Group, Claro has experience operating 5G technology. The company has already deployed these services in countries such as Austria, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and in Central America, specifically in Guatemala. This positions Costa Rica as the second country in the region to have 5G technology supported by speed experts.

“We are thrilled to be the speed experts, continuing to offer cutting-edge services in Costa Rica and driving the country’s technological development alongside the 5G technology that only Claro provides through our products and promotions,” added Mouzo.