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Televisa, a company that dominates the broadcasting market in Mexico, has been notified by the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) regarding the biennial review resolution that modifies, adds, and removes some of the existing preponderance measures in the sector.

In 2013, the telecommunications regulator determined that Televisa dominated the broadcasting market and considered it as “preponderant.” As a result, it imposed a series of measures to ensure effective competition.

Among the changes, there was an update to specific requirements and elements that must be considered in the Public Offer of Passive Infrastructure and the Electronic Management System, including some related to tariff negotiations.

The prohibition on acquiring Relevant Audiovisual Content exclusively remains in place, unless the right to sublicense it to other television broadcasting service providers in Mexico is obtained.

Additionally, specific requirements for advertising services have been included, particularly for promoting telecommunications services.

For example, when Televisa offers advertising spaces in a packaged or aggregated form, the same offer must also be available in an unpackaged form.

The company expressed in a statement: “Televisa will continue to assess the scope of this resolution and analyze any necessary actions.”