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AT&T outage persists in a significant part of South Dallas, affecting local businesses for nearly two weeks and causing a noticeable impact on their revenues. Reports from the area indicate that businesses have been experiencing financial losses since Christmas Day.

It's not known exactly how many residents have been impacted, but Internet, TV, and home phone services went dark due to the outages.

In a statement, an AT&T spokesperson said: "There were damages to multiple pieces of equipment in multiple areas and we are working around the clock to restore service for our customers."

Business owners voiced out their frustration that this part of the city “don’t get a response like other parts of the city.” AT&T denied that the location or demographics of the area have impacted service restoration.

"We treat all outages with urgency and handle them as quickly as possible," the spokesperson said.

The outage has been blamed on copper thefts in the area, and the operator claims to be “working with city leaders and local law enforcement, who are investigating to find those responsible.”