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Leveraging Samsung’s extensive expertise in the vRAN and Open RAN global markets, Verizon and Samsung have expanded their collaboration a step forward by embracing openness.

Samsung Electronics have completed Open RAN conformance and interoperability testing for commercial-grade LTE and 5G NR radios for Verizon’s network. The continued collaboration between Samsung and Verizon reinforces their commitment to the Open RAN and leadership in enabling virtualized open networks with greater flexibility, faster time-to-market, and unmatched performance.

Open RAN Conformance Testing

For the series of tests carried out in Samsung’s Dallas, Texas lab, the companies used Samsung’s market-leading radios compliant with O-RAN specifications. The test included multiple Samsung radios including CAT-A radios 4T4R supporting 700/850 MHz and AWS/PCS bands, CAT-B 64T64R Massive MIMO C-Band radios, and the 16T16R C-band and CBRS dual-band radio.

“O-RAN is a very important component of our network evolution strategy,” said Steven Rice, Vice President of Network Planning at Verizon. By leveraging O-RAN radios and software-driven infrastructure with industry-leading partners like Samsung and Keysight, we continue to drive the industry towards a more open, interoperable environment which will provide greater flexibility, greater innovation and better performance for our customers.”

The test underscores Samsung’s Massive MIMO leadership, specifically with its 64T64R Massive MIMO radio, which Verizon has already deployed throughout its large-scale commercial vRAN networks nationwide. Results from the test illustrate Samsung’s capability to handle advanced Massive MIMO radios integration, which is more complex for 64T64R Massive MIMO radios, in comparison to simple CAT-A radios.

“We’re excited to achieve Open RAN conformance across five key radios in our portfolio compliant with the latest O-RAN and 3GPP standards,” said Jisha Hall, Vice President, Operations, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics America. “This joint work shows how Samsung is empowering forerunning operators like Verizon to deploy virtualized Open RAN, backed by our strong ecosystem and proven expertise in commercial networks for Tier 1 operators in North America, Europe and Asia.”

Using Keysight Technologies’ Open RAN distributed unit (O-DU) emulator, the companies tested O-RAN mandatory and optional beamforming capabilities in the same Massive MIMO unit, and delivered promised performance gains. This level of conformance testing helps ensure that new Open RAN networks will perform as expected while delivering the full capabilities that next-generation 5G solutions enable.

“Keysight is excited to have partnered with Samsung and Verizon on successful Open RAN testing and looks forward to continued collaboration to advance next-generation network solutions,” said Peng Cao, Vice President and General Manager, Keysight’s Wireless Test Group. “Our leadership in O-RAN standards and testing empowers the industry to confidently build, test and deploy cutting-edge, interoperable Open RAN solutions in real-world networks.”