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Cirion Technologies has announced the successful integration of MEF LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration) automation APIs with AT&T, facilitating seamless business interactions for ordering network services across the region.

This accomplishment represents a major advancement in optimizing commerce within the global telecommunications sector, streamlining operations by eliminating manual tasks, cutting cycle times, and reducing errors. A noteworthy illustration is the capability to assess Ethernet service availability and pricing across multiple countries through standardized APIs.

MEF's suite of standardized LSO APIs promotes seamless inter-provider services among global carriers, offering dynamic and on-demand end-to-end connectivity services while enhancing interoperability and compatibility among service providers.

With this in mind, Nan Chen, CEO, MEF, commented, “The cooperation among global providers like AT&T and Cirion Technologies is crucial for accelerating the industry’s transformation to dynamic, assured, and certified services across a global federation of automated networks.”

Committed to interconnecting and collaborating with operators, Gabriel Holgado, Global Sales EVP, Fiber, at Cirion Technologies said, “Accompanying and helping accelerate our customers’ digital transformation is a key imperative of our business’ purpose. The collaboration between Cirion and AT&T will uplift overall service availability and speed to market capability among carriers.”

AT&T first implemented MEF LSO Sonata APIs five years ago and they have since seen growing adoption by telecoms service providers in all regions of the world. “AT&T’s integration with Cirion extends our automated quoting and ordering capability in Latin America. We are seeing clear benefits in the speed and cost of delivering services driven by the standards-based automation approach which will further improve as we implement with more service providers throughout 2024,” stated Aidan Anderson, Global MEF API Program Director at AT&T.

Cirion’s network spans 90,500 km of fiber, 18 landing stations, and five key subsea systems, as it operates a Tier-1 international IP network (AS 3356), offering direct Internet connectivity and critical connectivity within Latin America and the US.

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