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ZTE Corporation took part in the GSMA-hosted Mobile 360 Latin America event in Mexico City. ZTE actively participated in discussions with communication technology specialists worldwide, focusing on the exploration of next-generation communication technologies to enhance the Latin American communication sector.

The event convened industry leaders, policymakers, technical experts, and academics, who shared significant insights to steer the telecommunications market and digital economy in Latin America.

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With years of experience and exploration in the telecommunications sector, bolstered by comprehensive technological innovation and development, ZTE has been dedicated to aiding the transformation of Latin American operators towards digitalization and intelligence. This commitment propels the advancement toward a digital and intelligent future.

Tang Wenhao, VP and CTO of Europe and America at ZTE, delivered an impactful speech on the network revolution and how it is being driven by APIs. "By the end of 2024, the standardization of 57 APIs will be completed, including [the] anti-fraud API, fixed connectivity API, mobile connectivity API, unified communications API, IoT API, payments API, cloud and edge API, cybersecurity API, and more.

“Currently, over forty mobile operator networks are working with mainstream technology partners and cloud providers and have provided 94 commercial APIs to enterprises in 21 markets, including Asia, the Pacific, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and America. As always, ZTE will closely follow the development of Open Gateway, actively contribute to [the] community, continuously improve network capabilities, and collaborate to promote industrial development,” he affirmed.

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The growth of the digital economy in Latin America has created numerous opportunities and challenges, further speeding up the ongoing digital transformation in the telecommunications sector. In close partnership with regulators, partners, operators, and enterprise customers, ZTE is fully prepared to actively contribute to this strategic development in Latin America.

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