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Arelion has launched two new multi-terabit, low-latency routes: one from Jacksonville, Florida (Cologix-JAX1) to Atlanta, Georgia (Equinix-AT1) and another from Jacksonville to Tallahassee (EdgeConnex-TAL01).

Additionally, an overbuild route significantly enhances capacity and meshing from Atlanta (Digital Realty-ATL14) to Tallahassee (EdgeConnex-TAL01), continuing through Tampa (365 Data Centers) down to Miami (Equinix-MI1).

This initiative is a key component of Arelion's ongoing Gulf Coast network expansion, improving the capacity to manage local traffic. Through the subsea cables landing in Jacksonville, it will also support subsea traffic flows from the Caribbean, Central America, and South America into Atlanta.

"These new investments in Georgia and Florida allow Arelion to serve the immense demand for reliable connectivity services and tremendous capacity amid Atlanta's data center boom," said Art Kazmierczak, Director of Strategic Sales and Network Development at Arelion. "By providing additional meshing and diversity into Atlanta, we can serve the connectivity requirements of local enterprises while supporting subsea traffic from Jacksonville and other Florida edge markets and sea cable landings, enabling low-latency cloud, content and AI/ML delivery across diverse industries."

Going live in Q3 2024, the routes utilize state-of-the-art open optical line systems, supporting C+L Band, sixth-generation coherent optics, and multi-vendor 400G wave capability. This technology enables Arelion's wholesale and enterprise customers to benefit from high-capacity optical transmission and swift service delivery, empowering them in their operations.

This latest upgrade is further supported by additional metro sites in Jacksonville, including Telxius CLS and EdgeConnex, and new metro sites in Tampa.

With four diverse route options into Jacksonville and six into Atlanta, Arelion’s network expansion underscores its commitment to providing robust, high-capacity optical transmission and rapid service delivery for wholesale and enterprise customers.

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