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In response to escalating demand for AI capabilities, Amazon intends to allocate nearly USD 150 billion over the next 15 years toward the development of data centers. This substantial investment underscores the company's commitment to fortifying its position in the cloud-computing realm, anticipating a surge in the need for AI-driven applications and digital services.

This financial commitment serves as a strategic maneuver for Amazon to sustain its dominance in the cloud services market, where it currently commands roughly double the market share of its closest competitor, Microsoft. While Amazon Web Services (AWS) experienced a notable deceleration in sales growth last year, attributed to cost-cutting measures and project delays among corporate clients, recent expenditure trends indicate a resurgence in spending.

Kevin Miller, Vice President of Global Data Centers at AWS, emphasized the significance of expanding capacity to enhance proximity to customers. Over the past two years, Amazon has earmarked USD 148 billion for the construction and operation of data centers globally, with plans to bolster existing hubs in regions like northern Virginia and Oregon while venturing into new territories such as Mississippi, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia.

This expansion initiative primarily aims to cater to the escalating demand for corporate services encompassing file storage and database management. However, the infrastructure enhancements, coupled with cutting-edge and costly chip technologies, are poised to furnish the formidable computing power essential for accommodating the anticipated surge in GenAI applications.

Amazon is not only investing in expanding its data center infrastructure but also developing proprietary tools to compete with established AI platforms. Moreover, strategic partnerships with industry peers are facilitating the integration of AI services with Amazon's robust server infrastructure. Consequently, Amazon anticipates significant revenue gains amounting to tens of billions of dollars from AI-related ventures.

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Amazon is actively securing resources such as land and electricity to support the expansion of its energy-intensive data facilities. As a result, Amazon has emerged as the foremost corporate procurer of renewable energy globally, aligning with its commitment to transition all operations to renewable electricity by 2025.

Miller indicated that the company is actively exploring alternative clean energy ventures beyond conventional wind and solar farms. These initiatives encompass ventures into battery storage and nuclear power as potential substitutes for fossil fuel-based energy sources. Amazon's dedication to collaborating with utility providers creates solutions that align the company's energy requirements with renewable, carbon-neutral power sources.