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Embarking on the path to unparalleled connectivity, Crosstown Fiber announced its latest advancement: introducing new route options that enhance the network infrastructure across the Chicago metro area. 

“Our commitment to scalable, reliable, cost-effective, and secure networking solutions now expands through key data centers within the Chicago loop—427 LaSalle Street, 350 Cermak Road, 840 South Canal Street, and 2800 South Ashland Avenue,” stated the company.

Building on this foundation, Crosstown Fiber’s latest initiative – Western route –introduces a pathway extending from the center of Chicago out to Aurora. This aims to bridge the pathway to a globally connected future.

The company’s President and CEO,  Mike Underdown, recently discussed about the company’s commitment to deploying underground fiber optic systems in the Chicago metro area, which illustrates a dedication to reliability and sustainability.

Notably, the story of Crosstown Fiber is not just about laying cables underground, “it’s about laying the foundation for future generations to thrive in a digitally connected world,” Underdown narrated.

Crosstown Fiber aims to deliver exceptional fiber connectivity solutions to a wide array of clients such as hyperscale providers, data center operators, enterprise and wholesale clients, municipal and government bodies, and education entities.